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Product Eligibility Matrix (PEM) is an automated tool to calculate the home loan & LAP eligibility of a customer in partner banks based on banks’ policies & customer’s profile.

PEM is a dynamic calculator that uses a number of variables in its calculations, especially FOIR, LTV, CIBIL Score, etc. that other calculators might not take into account.

According to the customer's profile, PEM will recommend the most suitable banks along with interest rates within the BASIC agent app. Using the available bank list and interest rates, the agents can find the best possible lenders for their customers.

Yes, it takes into account the CIBIL score. However, it is at the user's discretion whether to include CIBIL score information in eligibility analysis.

Pem checks user eligibility in over 70+ partner banks and NBFCs.

The parameters taken into consideration are the following: Annual income, Age, FOIR, LTV, CIBIL score, property type, etc.

Yes, the eligibility criteria also take into account the credentials of co-applicants.

A PEM report includes the maximum loan amount, the term of the loan, the interest rate, and the processing fee for all banks to which the customer is eligible.

Yes, PEM's analysis takes into account Property Type as one of the variables in determining eligibility.

No, there are no charges for eligibility checks in PEM. The tool is available on BASIC's website and is free to use.

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