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Aadhar Housing Finance offers affordable home loans specifically targeting society's Low-Income Groups (LIGs). The company encourages the underprivileged to own a house with economical home loans. Aadhar home loan rate of interest starts at 11.75% and goes up to 17% for a loan tenure of 20 years. The processing fees on the home loans offered are up to 3500/- plus taxes. Aadhar Housing Finance provides home loan facilities without demanding proof of income at EMIs which are easy on the pocket.

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Aadhar Housing Finance Home Loan Highlights

Get the lowest interest rates with Aadhar Housing Finance

Loan Amount Up to Rs. 1 Crore
Rate of Interest 9.50% p.a. onwards
Processing Fee

Up to INR 5100 or 1.5% whichever is higher

Maximum Tenure for Repayment 30 years
Penal Rate of Interest
Rate Packages
Charges for Prepayment/Foreclosure

Aadhar Housing Finance Interest Rates in 2024

The company offers loans at a regular interest rate favorable to its customers. Aadhar housing finance interest rates range between 11.75% and 17% for loans up to Rs. 1 crore.

Loan Slab Interest Rate for Home Loan
Salaried Applicants 11.75% per annum to 16.50% per annum 
Self-Employed Applicants 12.75% per annum to 17.00% per annum 
Loan Against Property 15.00% per annum to 17.00% per annum 
Salaried and Self-Employed 9% - 15% per annum 
(Salaried) Low-Income 10% - 18% per annum 
Affordable Housing (Purchase/ Construction/ Existing) 10% - 20% per annum 
Cash-Salaried 12% - 20% per annum 

Interest rates were last updated on 1st September 2023

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Aadhar Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

When applying for a home loan from Aadhar Housing Finance, it is essential to meet specific eligibility criteria. Aadhar housing finance eligibility requirements are as follows:

Eligibility Parameters For Salaried Individuals For Self-Employed Individuals
Age Range (in years) 60 years or less at the end of loan repayment tenure 70 years or less at the end of loan repayment tenure
Minimum Income Earned

Aadhar Housing Loan Processing Fee and Charges

Aadhar Housing Finance charges a certain fee from its home loan applicants for processing the loan applications as well as to meet certain other expenses involved in the loan approval process. Detailed below are the Aadhar housing loan processing fee and other charges levied by the company on its home loan borrowers:

Processing Fee

upto 3500/- + GST

Login Fee (non-refundable fee payable at the time of loan application)

Up to Rs. 3,500 + GST (as applicable)

Legal, Technical, and Valuation Charges

Up to Rs. 3,000 - Rs. 5,800 + GST (as applicable)

Administrative Charges
  • Rs. 5,100 or 1.5% + GST (as applicable) on the sanctioned amount, whichever is higher (Home Loan/Top-Up)
  • Up to Rs. 5,100 or 2% + GST (as applicable) on the sanctioned amount, whichever is higher (LAP/NIP/Project Loan)
Cheque/Direct Debit/ECS/ACH Bounce

Rs. 500

Recovery Charges (Legal/Incidental/Possession)

Per actual + GST (as applicable)

Copy of Property Papers

Rs. 500 + GST (as applicable)

Charges for handling of documents

Rs. 2,000 + GST (as applicable)

Switch Fees
  • 3% (fixed to variable) + GST (as applicable) on outstanding
  • 1.5% (variable to fixed) + GST (as applicable) on outstanding
Insurance Charges

As per actual

Loan Against Property

15% - 17%

Documentation Charges

Up to Rs. 2,000 - Rs. 5,000 + GST (as applicable)

CERSAI charge creation charges

Rs. 100 + GST (as applicable)

Subsequent Technical Verification (only in construction cases)

Rs. 500 + GST (as applicable)

Conversion Fees

0.5% of the principal amount outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) at time of conversion

Loan cancellation charges after disbursement (per loan account)
  • Rs. 3,000 (for loan sanction up to Rs 10 lacs)
  • Rs. 5,000 (for loan sanction between 10 lacs and 25 lacs)
  • Rs. 10,000 (for loan sanction greater than Rs. 25 lacs)
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Aadhar Home Finance Schemes and Top Plans

Aadhar Housing Finance offers a variety of financial schemes to its customers interested in availing of home loan facilities at affordable EMI rates. Listed below are some of the top home loan plans offered by the company:

1. Home Loan for Salaried Employees

  • Loan amount up to Rs. 1 crore, not exceeding 80% of the registered cost of the property or 80% of the property’s market value, whichever is lower
  • Loan tenure for bank salaried employees - 30 years and cash salaried employees - 20 years, subject to the age of retirement
  • Individual and joint home loans are available
  • Co-applicants can include children, parents, or spouse

2. Home Loan for Self-Employed

  • Loan amount up to Rs. 1 crore, not exceeding 80% of the cost of the property (75% if the loan amount is higher than Rs. 75 lacs)
  • Loan amount is decided by the company based on the applicant’s repayment potential, their individual needs, and other factors
  • The applicant must have a minimum experience of 3 years in the same domain, or their business should have been inherited from the parents
  • The applicant’s monthly salary should be Rs 10,000 or above
  • Maximum tenure for repayment is 20 years, subject to the condition that the borrower’s age is less than 70 years on the date of loan maturity

3. Loan for Plot Purchase and Construction

  • Loan available up to Rs. 1 crore for buying a new plot or for constructing it, provided the amount is not higher than 60% of the plot’s registered cost (for plot loan) and 80% of the construction cost (in case of construction) 
  • Construction must take place on the plot within the stipulated time period laid out as per NHB guidelines
  • Actual loan amount is subject to final decision by the company based on the applicant’s needs and their repayment capacity
  • Loan repayment tenure is 30 years for bank salaried employees and 20 years for cash salaried and self-employed non-professionals

4. Home Improvement Loan

  • Loan amount up to Rs. 1 crore, not exceeding 100% of the estimated renovation cost certified by the Chartered Engineer, or 100% of the cost estimated by the Aadhar officer, whichever is lower
  • Loan amount subject to a maximum of 80% of the property’s overall market value (75% if the loan amount is higher than Rs. 75 lacs)
  • Loan is available for electrical work, door and window replacement, flooring, underground/overhead water tank, plumbing, grills, sliding doors, and the like

5. Home Extension Loan

  • Loan up to Rs. 1 crore, not exceeding 100% of the projected extension cost certified by the Chartered Engineer or 100% of the cost projected by the Aadhar officer, whichever is lower
  • Loan available for construction of new floors or room addition within the home premises

6. Loan Against Residential Commercial Property (LAP)

  • Up to Rs. 25 lacs loan for salaried applicants and up to Rs. 1 crore for loan against commercial/residential property 
  • Loan tenure up to a maximum of 15 years, restricted up to the age of retirement for salaried applicants and 70 years of age upon loan maturity for self-employed
  • Loan facility available for single applicant or with a co-applicant (immediate family)

7. Balance Transfer and Top Up

  • Can be availed in case of longer duration of loans, higher outstanding amounts, and lower rates of interest upon switching 
  • Payment of EMI can be directly made to Aadhar Housing

8. Loan for Purchase of Non-Residential Property

  • Up to Rs. 1 crore loan available with a minimum loan amount of up to Rs. 2 lakh
  • Loan amount should not be higher than 70% of the property’s registered cost or 50% of the market value, whichever is lower 
  • Loan repayment tenure up to 15 years basis the age of retirement for salaried applicants and 70 years on loan maturity for self-employed applicants

9. Aadhar Gram Unnati

  • No income proof required to avail of the loan facility
  • No bias against income or profession of the applicant
  • Easy repayment options offered 
  • Loans available for government employees, employees from class 4&5 grades, and small business owners

Note: All of the above home loan plans are made available to applicants solely at the discretion of Aadhar Housing Finance, taking into consideration the earning and repayment capacity of the applicant.

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Documents Required For Aadhar Home Loan

Aadhar Housing Finance company requires its home loan applicants to submit a set of necessary documents as part of the loan application procedure. Below is the complete list of Aadhar home loan documents required as part of the process:

Documents Required for Salaried Applicants

Proof of Income
  • Bank statement of the last 6 months
  • Salary slip of the last 6 months in case of variable salary components
  • Form-16 (in case available)
Other Required Documents
  • Work permit issued by the employer or the concerned government 
  • Copy of Continuous Discharge Certificates (in case of Merchant Navy)
  • Copy of passport with a valid visa
  • Copy of all overseas bank statements and NRE/NRO bank statements for the last 6 months

Documents Required for Self-Employed Applicants

Proof of Income
  • Computation of income with Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet (for loan amounts higher than Rs. 25 lacs)
Other Required Documents
  • Proof of business ownership (any one)
     1. Registration with the local market association
     2. Letter from Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat (in case of business location in Gram Panchayat)
     3. Valid license of Shop Establishment Act
     4. Current account in the name of the business firm

Common Documents Required from Both Salaried and Self-Employed Applicants

Type of Document Documents Required
Identity & Address Proof

Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Copy of Passport, PAN Card

Documents Related to Property
  • Bank account statement
  • Receipt of Property or Municipal Tax,
  • 1 copy of utility bill not older than 2 months
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How to Apply for Aadhar Finance Home Loan?

You can easily apply online for an Aadhar home loan by following these simple steps given below:

  • On the BASIC Home Loan website, proceed to the Apply Now section
  • Fill out the given form with details of your name and contact information, and submit the filled form
  • The BASIC Home Loan team will get in touch with you to initiate a home loan application process that is seamless and hassle-free!

Find Aadhar Home Loan Offices Near You

If you wish to contact a branch of Aadhar Housing Finance near you for any queries, complaints, or grievances, look online for an Aadhar home loan branch near you or connect with a BASIC Home Loan representative in your city for more assistance.


Interest rates and fees on home loans vary based on eligibility and lender criteria. All applicable fees and charges are subject to relevant taxes and can change at the lender’s discretion. For the most current information on home loan interest rates, processing fees, other applicable charges, and updates on eligibility criteria and loan offers, please visit the official website of the bank.


Aadhar Housing loans start at a rate of interest of 11.75% and go up to 17%.

Aadhar Housing Finance offers its loan applicants a maximum loan amount of up to Rs. 1 crore.

Salaried applicants should be 60 years old or less at the end of loan repayment tenure. For self-employed applicants, the age limit is 70 years or less at the end of loan repayment tenure.

The easiest way to apply for a home loan with Aadhar Housing Finance is to go to the BASIC Home Loan website, proceed to the Apply Now section, enter the required details on the given form, and submit it. A team member from BASIC will connect with you to help initiate a home loan application.

The maximum tenure for home loan repayment at Aadhar Housing Finance is 30 years.

You can track the status of your home loan application with the Aadhar Housing Finance customer care helpline.

An immediate family member of the primary applicant, such as the spouse, children, or parents, can be considered as co-applicants in the home loan application process.

Aadhar Housing Finance processing fees/login fees is 3500/- plus taxes.