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Originally incorporated as Apna Ghar Vitta Nigam Ltd in 1991, which changed to Cent Bank Home Finance Ltd in 1992, the bank offers customers housing and non-housing finance loans. The bank is jointly promoted by the Central Bank of India, Specified Undertaking of UTI, National Housing Bank, and the Housing and Urban Development Corporation. Cent Bank Home Finance Ltd offers a rate of interest starting at 9.65% for 30 years. The bank charges a processing fee of 0.50% of the loan amount, subject to a maximum of Rs. 20,000. In addition, Cent Bank also offers non-housing loans as well as deposit schemes.

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Cent Bank Home Finance Loan Key Highlights

Get the lowest interest rates with Cent Bank Home Finance

Loan Amount Up to Rs. 30 lakh
Rate of Interest 9.65% (base)
Processing Fee

0.50% of the loan amount subject to a maximum of Rs. 20,000

Maximum Tenure for Repayment 30 years
Penal Rate of Interest 2% p.a.
Rate Packages
Charges for Prepayment/Foreclosure Fixed ROI - 3% on the loan amount prepaid + GST Floating ROI - Nil

Cent Housing Finance Interest Rates in 2024

Cent Bank Home Finance company offers its customers housing loans at a rate of interest starting from 9.65% (base rate). These rates are likely to vary for salaried and self-employed individuals, as well as for non-individual loans, as listed below:

Loan Slab Interest Rate for Home Loan
Salaried 9.65% (base rate) + 0.30% (spread) Effective ROI - 9.95% 
Self-Employed 9.65% (base rate) + 0.45% (spread) Effective ROI - 10.10% 
Non-Individual Loan Application Up to Rs. 30 lakh 9.65% (base rate) + 1.50% (spread) Effective ROI - 11.15% 
Non-Individual Loan Application Over Rs. 30 lakh 9.65% (base rate) + 2% (spread) Effective ROI - 11.65% 

Interest rates were last updated on 31st August 2023

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Cent Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Every loan applicant with Cent Bank must adhere to a set of predefined eligibility criteria that determines whether or not the applicant can qualify for the loan amount. Listed below are the Cent Bank home loan eligibility requirements as defined by the bank:

Eligibility Parameters For Salaried Individuals For Self-Employed Individuals
Age Range (in years) Completed 18 years of age as of the date of loan application Completed 18 years of age as of the date of loan application
Nationality Resident Indian Citizen; NRIs Resident Indian Citizen; NRIs
Minimum Income Earned

Cent Housing Loan Processing Fee and Charges

Like every other bank, Cent Bank Home Finance also charges its customers a specified processing fee along with some additional charges as part of the loan processing procedure. Tabulated below are the Cent Bank Home Finance processing fee and other expenses involved in processing a loan application for a customer:

API Integration Charges

Rs. 81 + GST

Documentation Charges

Rs. 1,350 + GST



Prepayment/Foreclosure Charges
  • None for floating rate home loans
  • No charges for fixed rate if paid through own sources (means funds raised through sources other than Bank/HFC/FI), otherwise 3% on the amount prepaid plus GST
Penal rate of interest


Apply for Cent Bank Home Loans at Low Interest Rate
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Cent Home Finance Schemes and Top Plans

Cent Bank offers a variety of housing finance plans for different customers as per their individual needs and earning potentials. Some of the most popular home finance schemes and plans available at Cent Bank Home Finance are listed below:

1. Cent Home Double Plus Scheme

  • Available as an overdraft facility or term loan basis the purpose of the loan
  • All customers over 18 years old are eligible to apply for this home loan scheme with the bank

2. Cent Grih Lakshmi

  • Specifically designed for women applicants
  • A woman should be the sole borrower of the loan or the first-named borrower under the scheme

3. Cent Home Loan

  • Moratorium available for a duration of up to 3 years
  • All existing home loan applicants are eligible to apply for this plan
  • Total loan repayment tenure - 30 years; in case of renovation or repair - loan repayment duration is 10 years
  • Loan amount basis the property value and the applicant’s loan repayment potential 

4. Cent Home Loan Scheme for Buying 3rd/4th House

  • Loan available for a house or flat not more than 40 years old; remaining property life should be at least 10 years more than the duration of loan repayment
  • Loan repayment tenure: 25-30 years
  • All customers are eligible to apply for the loan facility
  • Individual or joint loan applications allowed

5. Cent Combo Scheme

  • Concession offered to loan applicant in case of joint loan availed for vehicle and home together
  • All customers can avail of a loan facility 
  • The maximum loan amount that can be availed: Rs. 40 lakh
  • Loan applicants must show a minimum income of Rs. 4 lakh per annum in the previous 2 years reflected in their ITR

Note: All of the above home loan plans are made available to applicants solely at the discretion of Cent Bank Home Finance, taking into consideration the earning and repayment capacity of the applicant.

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Documents Required for Cent Home Loan

Home loan applicants at Cent Bank Home Finance company must submit the following mandatory documents as part of the housing loan application process.

Documents Required for Salaried Applicants

Proof of Income
  • Form 16 for the previous 2 years
  • Salary slips for the previous 3 months
  • Latest bank statements
Other Required Documents
  • PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport, DL 
  • Sale Deed & Agreement of Sale
  • Legal Scrutiny Report, EC for previous 13 years, Receipt of Property Tax Payment, Khata and Permission for Mortgage
  • Full Cost Estimate, Bank Property Valuation Report
  • DL, Ration Card, Passport, Telephone Bill, Voter ID
  • PAN Card, Passport, or any other certificate from a statutory authority
  • Passport-sized photographs (2) with a duly filled-in application form

Documents Required for Self-Employed Applicants

Proof of Income
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account of the last 3 years certified by a CA
  • Latest bank statements for the individual and business
  • ITR submitted for previous 3 years
  • Advance Tax challans for the previous 3 years
Other Required Documents
  • VAT Registration
  • Service Tax Registration
  • Sales Tax Registration

Common Documents Required from Both Salaried and Self-Employed Applicants

Type of Document Documents Required
Identity & Address Proof

Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Copy of Passport, PAN Card

Documents Related to Property
  • Sale Deed, Allotment Letter
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Payment receipts for payments made to the builder
  • Permission to construct
  • Copy of approved plan
  • Registered Development Agreement of the builder
  • NOC (No Object Certificate from the builder or the housing society)
Apply for Cent Bank Home Loans at Low Interest Rate
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How to Apply for Cent Finance Home Loan?

Applying for a Cent Bank home loan is a simple procedure that can be followed in the format mentioned below:

  • Visit the official portal of BASIC Home Loan
  • Go to the section titled “Apply Now” on the website.
  • Enter the details on the form provided in the section, including your name and contact details. Submit the filled-in form.
  • A team member from the BASIC team will contact you at the earliest to help guide you through the home loan application procedure. 

Find Cent Bank Home Finance Loan Offices Near You

For any queries, complaints, or grievances, visit the nearest Cent Bank branch from your residence. Look up online for a Cent Bank Home Finance Loan branch near you, or reach out to our BASIC Home Loan team member in your area for more help.


Interest rates and fees on home loans vary based on eligibility and lender criteria. All applicable fees and charges are subject to relevant taxes and can change at the lender’s discretion. For the most current information on home loan interest rates, processing fees, other applicable charges, and updates on eligibility criteria and loan offers, please visit the official website of the bank.


Cent Bank Housing Finance offers a rate of interest starting at 9.65%.

Cent Bank offers its customers a wide variety of housing loans such as Cent Home Loan, Cent Combo Plan, Cent Home Loan to Employees, Cent Home Loan Scheme for buying 3rd or 4th house, and Cent Home Double Plus Scheme.

The maximum loan repayment tenure offered by Cent Home Loans is 30 years or 75 years of age of the borrower, whichever is earlier.

Yes, Cent allows its customers to apply for both individual and joint home loans.

You can easily track the status of your home loan application with Cent Bank online on the bank’s portal.

Yes, the bank does offer a top-up loan facility to its customers to help them buy a residential property.

NRIs with a valid Indian passport are eligible to avail of a home loan facility with Cent Bank for buying a residential property in India. 

Home loans can be availed of from Cent Bank for purchasing the following properties:

  • A new house or flat
  • A plot of land for constructing a new house
  • Making renovations or home improvements in an existing home 
  • Upgrading home furnishings or interiors