Read Mukul’s story to know what it’s really like to work in Tech

Mukul Gupta

My name is Mukul Gupta. I am a Product Manager at BASIC. I am an IIT Delhi graduate. Formerly, I have worked in companies like Ola and IPAC. While joining BASIC as a Product Manager, I had no experience in this area as my previous jobs were in different domains. However, BASIC provided me with this outstanding opportunity and ensured me that they will teach me, and I will learn while working. In the beginning, the Tech Head of the company himself used to teach me the tech basics, sometimes, even after office hours. That was quite inspirational for me & helped me to learn rapidly. In my work, even with a relatively lesser experience in Product, I am trusted to work independently on even major projects, the projects which might require more experience. Of course, later they are reviewed by seniors. This provides me opportunities to make important decisions in projects and to innovate. Also, the experience of building state-of-the-art tech products & features in the industry is extremely enlightening & fulfilling here.

Further, our seniors believe in team spirit and refrain from following a top-down approach. Rather, they motivate all of us to provide inputs during discussions, and the decisions are taken based on logic and reason, not designation. For me, relations and humanity-based work culture are very important. Even, one of the reasons for me joining this company was my past work experience with one of the founders, under whose leadership I worked in my previous job. To share an instance of the humanistic approach of the leadership team, there was a time at BASIC when I committed a mistake, which was a severe one from my perspective. I was terrified imagining the consequences. To my surprise, at that time of anxiety, the founders supported and comforted me. Constructively, they guided me on how to combat such situations. That day, my respect for BASIC's leadership & loyalty toward the company was further enhanced. And I realized that leaders do not ask their employees to be loyal to their company, they act in such a manner that employees themselves become loyal organically.

Furthermore, the idea behind BASIC provides me with a strong sense of purpose. A part of the idea aims to achieve the national goal of 'Housing for All', which is also essential to achieving the vision of New India. I believe we are not only a Fin-tech start-up but, a Socio- tech initiative too, as we are transforming the society by enabling people to acquire their own homes & achieve a sense of freedom. Stating without exaggeration, the overall environment and culture at BASIC is what anyone would desire in a Dream-Job. Of course, some days are more stressful than others, but, that stress is balanced out by our fun office parties, where people love my dance performances.