From Banking to Marketing: How Prachi restarted her Career with a Startup

Prachi Arora

With 12 years of Banking experience with leading banks like IDBI and ICICI and managing teams as AGM and Branch Head, I have developed strong leadership skills and gained in-depth experience in end-to-end banking processes.

Immediately after the birth of my second child, my husband had to move to the US for work assignments. It was at that time that I decided to take a break. Moving to the US with family, to a new country was extremely challenging – both in terms of adjusting to the new lifestyle and also getting used to a completely new culture. My husband had a very time-demanding job, so I agreed to take a backseat in terms of my professional career.

These 8 years have been extremely fulfilling and satisfying on the personal front and it has been lovely to see my two children grow. It was when we moved back to our family in India and my children were well settled in the new environment back in India and my family’s support, that I got an opportunity to focus on my professional growth and explore my potential further. This was not only for job satisfaction and financial independence but also to model to my children to aspire and achieve.

So, after 8 years, I joined BASIC. It has been a very fulfilling experience to be a part of this team. The support I have been given by BASIC as a re-starter has been invaluable from day one. It was brilliant to be back at work and finally do something for me while trying to achieve the goal of the company. My career break has given me a lot of skills I am proud of. I work efficiently and can multi-task precisely because I’ve got other priorities at home too. For this reason, my work/life balance has been good too. As for my family – they’re excited for me. My previous banking experience has helped me develop a keen sense of customer empathy and understand the financial challenges of today’s middle class. I feel reassured now and I am positive about my future in BASIC.

My advice to those who are trying to get back to work after a career break would be that there are opportunities that are out there, specifically designed for all. For me, this was the best one.