What Does Work/Life Balance Mean to the Employee and Employer? Find out from Sonia's story.

Sonia Thakur
Training & Development

The transition from an established company to an early-stage start-up was a big decision. After a few initial rounds, the final round was with the founder of the company, and something he said during the interview brought even more curiosity in me to join the BASIC-“Corporate culture is boring, you should join a start-up and see how cool and fun a workplace can be.”

Well, there were a lot of shocks and surprises for me in the first few days like space constraints for sitting, no approval or manual approval from founders to start something new, small celebration at the office for each new achievement, but the best part is the open culture and transparency between the founders and other team members.

In the first month of joining, an unfortunate event happened at home and my little miracle with paws became very ill which demanded my presence at home with no clarity of coming back to work. During that toughest phase, while I was thinking to resign and wanted to spend a few last days with my departing soul, the CEO himself came forward and said- “you shouldn’t come to the office till things normalize at home and take your time to heal from the situation.” That was the exact moment when I realized what kind of people I am working with and how they understand their employees and prioritize them regardless of work situation.

Now when I sit back and think about Mowgli, I am thankful that I have been able to be with him during his last moments and how everyone in the office supported me so I feel I have chosen the right set of people to work with.

For me, the people around me and the culture at BASIC is the biggest motivation to come to work every day and learn something new each day from everyone.