PNB Housing Home Loan Interest Rate

Backed by more than 30 years of service to customers and valued experience in the banking industry, PNB Housing Finance is one of the renowned NBFCs in the country today. The company aims to make homeownership a reality with affordable housing at competitive rates of interest. PNB Housing loan interest rate starts at 8.75% per annum. Loans are offered at up to 90% of the total value of the property and can be repaid within 30 years. For its services, PNB Housing charges a nominal processing fee of up to 1% of the home loan amount. The loan application process is instant and hassle-free with many attractive schemes for varied needs.


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PNB Housing Home Loan Key Highlights

Amount of Loan Up to 90% of the property value (% funding based on loan amount)
Rate of Interest 8.575% p.a. onwards
Processing Fees

Up to 1% of home loan

Max Tenure for Loan Repayment Up to 30 years

PNB Housing Home Loan Interest Rates in 2024

PNB Housing Home Loan Interest Rate 2024 starts at 8.75% per annum. Given below are the interest rates for different loan slabs at PNB Housing.

Loan Category Rate of Interest on Home Loan
Applicants with credit score higher than 825 8.50% - 9% p.a.(Salaried) | 8.80% - 9.30% p.a.(Non- Salaried) 
Credit score up to 825 8.50% - 9% p.a.(Salaried) | 8.90% - 9.40% p.a.(Non- Salaried) 
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Standard Home Loan Rates of Interest for Salaried and Self-Employed Applicants

Retail Prime Lending Rate: 8.50%

Loan Slab Interest Rate for(CIBIL score >=825)
All loans 8.50% - 9.00% p.a.(Salaried) | 8.80% - 9.30% p.a.(Self Employed) 

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Interest Rates

Loan Slab Interest Rate on Home Loan
All loans 8.60% p.a. 

Top-Up Loan Interest Rates

Loan Slab Interest Rate on Home Loan
Term Loan 9.60% p.a. 
Overdraft 10.60% p.a. 

Interest rates were last updated on 9th November 2023

PNB Housing Home Loan Interest Rate for All Schemes in India

Home loan customers can have different needs for which they need credit from a bank/NBFC. Therefore, PNB Housing Finance offers various home financing options to its loan applicants. These various schemes and plans also come at different rates of interest, which are tabulated below. PNB home loans start at 8.50% p.a. and can go up to 11.25% p.a. 

Rates of Interest for Each Plan Rates of Interest for Each Plan
Home Purchase Loans 8.50% p.a. 
Home Extension Loans 8.50% p.a. 
Residential Plot Loans

9.50% - 12.25% p.a.

Unnati Home Loans 11.75% - 13% p.a. 
Home Improvement Loans

8.50% - 11.25% p.a.

Home Construction Loans

8.50% - 11.25% p.a.

Loan for NRIs 8.50% - 11.25% p.a. 

PNB Housing Home Loan Interest Rate for Balance Transfer, Top Up and Overdraft

Customers seeking home loans with PNB Housing Finance are presented with 3 different types of home loan options to choose from as per convenience. They are detailed below:

PNB Housing Home Loan Balance Transfer

With interest rates in India changing at all times, it makes sense to switch your current home loan amount (withstanding) to a lower-rate lender. This is why PNB Housing Finance allows you to transfer the balance of your existing home loan from another bank to PNB at better interest rates, along with other attractive facilities, such as no foreclosure or prepayment charges, and a hassle-free transfer process. PNB home loan balance transfer starts at 8.50% p.a. 

PNB Housing Home Loan Loan Top-Up

PNB Housing Finance provides its customers with the privilege of a top-up loan amount after 3 years of availing the existing one under its Flexible Housing Loan Scheme. This helps avoid needing a different or new loan and go through the entire loan application process all over again. A top-up home loan amount from PNB can be used to cover additional expenses to renovate or upgrade residential property (for which you have already availed a loan amount perhaps). This could include constructing a new floor, extending the balcony, or getting a complete interior makeover. PNB Housing’s top-up interest rate is currently at 9.60% p.a.

PNB Housing Home Loan Overdraft

The NBFC offers short-term credit options to borrowers to meet small expenses when they don’t have ready cash in hand. The customer is given the option to deposit any extra lump sum (which is over the fixed EMI payable) to their loan account. They can then choose to withdraw funds from the account as per their requirement, without the need to apply for a fresh loan. 

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Compare PNB Housing Home Loan Interest Rate with Top Banks

Before availing of a home loan facility from PNB Housing, it might be a good idea to do a thorough comparative analysis of the NBFC's interest rate with that offered by other leading banks and NBFCs in this category. Here's a brief overview of the same:

Bank/NBFC Rate of Interest on Home Loan Processing Fee
ICICI Bank Starts at 9.00% per annum 0.50% of loan amount + tax
HDFC Bank Starts at 8.35% per annum Up to 0.50% of the loan or Rs. 3,000 (whichever is higher) + tax
Axis Bank Starts at 8.75% per annum Up to 1% of loan + GST (min. Rs. 10,000)
Kotak Mahindra Bank 8.70% p.a. onwards Up to 1% of loan + tax
IDFC Bank Starts at 8.75% per annum Up to 3% of loan amount
PNB Housing Finance 8.50% p.a. onwards Up to 1% of home loan

PNB Housing Home LoanBalance Transfer Interest Rate

Switching your existing home loan amount to PNB Housing Finance is a wise choice with a multitude of benefits to avail of. A few of them include lower rates of interest, lower EMIs payable, and, best of all, flexibility in loan repayment. The PNB Housing Finance home loan balance transfer interest rates for salaried applicants start at 8.50% per annum at 8.80% p.a. for non-salaried customers. You can apply for a home loan balance transfer with PNB by following the simple process below:

  • Visit the BASIC Home Loan website and go to the Repay Right section of the portal at Repay Right
  • Enter all the required details on the form provided, including the current loan amount withstanding, existing rate of interest payable per annum, new rate of interest per annum, existing tenure for loan repayment, and existing EMI payable. 
  • After duly filling in the form, click on Next.
  • You will now be able to view your total savings on the loan amount with the PNB Home Loan Balance Transfer feature.
  • For a smoother and hassle-free PNB home loan balance transfer experience, you may also reach out to one of our team members at BASIC Home Loan.

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How to Calculate PNB Housing Home Loan Interest Rate?

If you are availing a home loan from PNB Housing Finance, you would need to first compute the rate of interest that the NBFC offers on its home loan schemes. This can be conveniently done using an online calculator for home loan interest rates. You can find one easily at EMI. Given below is a table that presents data on the rate of interest as well as EMI that you would need to pay after taking a home loan from PNB:

PNB Housing Home Loan EMI Calculator 2024

Loan Amount Rate of Interest EMI for 10-Year Loan Tenure EMI for 20-Year Loan Tenure EMI for 30-Year Loan Tenure
Rs. 10 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 12,399 Rs. 8,678 Rs. 7,689
Rs. 20 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 24,797 Rs. 17,356 Rs. 15,378
Rs. 30 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 37,196 Rs. 26,035 Rs. 23,067
Rs. 40 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 49,594 Rs. 34,713 Rs. 30,757
Rs. 50 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 61,993 Rs. 43,391 Rs. 38,446
Rs. 60 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 74,391 Rs. 52,069 Rs. 46,135
Rs. 70 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 86,790 Rs. 60,748 Rs. 53,824
Rs. 80 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 99,189 Rs. 69,426 Rs. 61,513
Rs. 90 lakh 8.50% p.a. Rs. 1,11,587 Rs. 78,104 Rs. 69,202
Rs. 1 crore 8.50% p.a. Rs. 1,23,986 Rs. 86,782 Rs. 76,891

The figures in the table above are based on an 8.50% p.a. interest rate offered by PNB Housing Finance. They may vary, however, based on the different interest rates offered by other banks, your monthly income, and other factors.


Home loans at PNB Housing Finance start at 8.50% per annum for salaried professionals and at 8.80% p.a. for non-salaried loan applicants.

Yes, you can lower your home loan tenure from PNB Housing by increasing the EMI amount payable. This is possible with the home loan refinancing feature available with PNB Housing Finance.

PNB Housing determines the rates of interest offered on its home loans, taking into account certain factors, some of which include:

  • The credit score of the applicant
  • Their monthly income
  • Type of home loan availed
  • Amount of loan requested for
  • Loan repayment tenure

Some financial believe that rates of interest on home loans offered by major banks and NBFCs in India are likely to drop by the end of 2023. The RBI, however, is expected to maintain the repo rate at 6.50% until the end of the second quarter of FY 2024. 

Yes, PNB Housing has branches all over the country to serve customers from different regions.

Yes, it may be possible to avail of a home loan facility with some banks at a lower interest rate if your CIBIL score is 750 or higher.

You may try negotiating with PNB Housing on the home loan interest rate under certain specific conditions. Feel free to speak to one of the BASIC team representatives to help you in the matter.

Yes, PNB Housing offers the home loan balance transfer facility to salaried and self-employed loan applicants from other banks who wish to transfer their existing loans to PNB to avail of better interest rates.