11 Affordable Housing Localities in Delhi for Every Budget

Affordable Housing in Delhi

Delhi, the vibrant capital city of India, is not only the political and cultural heartbeat of the nation but also a hub for diverse economic activities. However, the dream of owning a home in this bustling metropolis can seem daunting due to the high real estate prices. Thankfully, affordable housing schemes and developments are making homeownership more accessible to the middle and lower-income groups. Here's a closer look at the affordable housing landscape in Delhi.

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Understanding Affordable Housing

Affordable housing refers to housing units that are reasonably priced for those with a median household income. In Delhi, this includes various government initiatives and private developments aimed at providing cost-effective living options without compromising on essential amenities.

Government Initiatives

  1. DDA Housing Scheme: The Delhi Development Authority periodically launches housing schemes offering flats at subsidized rates. These are aimed primarily at economically weaker sections (EWS), low, and middle-income groups. DDA is the best government affordable housing scheme in Delhi.
  2. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY): This central government scheme aims to provide affordable housing to the urban poor by 2022 through credit-linked subsidies. Delhiites can benefit from this scheme, which makes purchasing a home more viable for many.

Private Sector Contributions

Several private developers are also stepping up to meet the demand for affordable housing in Delhi. Projects are strategically located in areas with potential for future growth and connectivity, ensuring residents do not have to compromise on location and lifestyle amenities.

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Key Locations for Affordable Housing in Delhi

1. Uttam Nagar, West Delhi

Uttam Nagar is known for its cost-effective residential options, ranging from small apartments to independent floors. The area has good connectivity with the rest of Delhi via the Delhi Metro, making it a convenient choice for commuters. It’s also surrounded by various essential amenities like schools, hospitals, and markets.

2 BHK starting at 40 lakhs
Connectivity: Uttam Nagar East metro station & Uttam Nagar West metro station (Blue Line)

2. Dwarka Mor, Najafgarh Road

Close to the upscale Dwarka, this area has a range of affordable residential projects. The locality benefits from robust infrastructure and proximity to essential services. 

2 BHK starting at 35 lakhs
Connectivity: Dwarka Mor metro station ( Blue Line)  & Nawada metro station ( Blue Line)

3. Rohini, North West Delhi

Rohini offers a mix of residential and commercial properties at relatively affordable prices. It is well-planned and boasts a robust infrastructure with parks, schools, shopping centers, and hospitals. The area is well-connected by the metro, and its well-structured layout makes it a preferred choice for families.

2 BHK starting at 60 lakhs
Connectivity:  Rohini East metro station (Red Line), Rohini East metro station (Red Line) & Rohini Sector 18,19 metro station (Yellow Line)

4. Govindpuri, South East Delhi

Govindpuri is another budget-friendly locality that offers easy access to major employment hubs in South Delhi. The area is predominantly populated by independent builders' floors and small apartments. Proximity to the Govindpuri metro station enhances its appeal to daily commuters.

2 BHK starting at 50 lakhs
Connectivity: Govind Puri metro station ( Violet line)

5. New Ashok Nagar, East Delhi

New Ashok Nagar offers affordable residential properties, predominantly appealing to middle-class families and individuals. Its access to the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro enhances its connectivity to major business centers, making it a practical choice for daily commuters.

2 BHK starting at 35 lakhs
Connectivity:  New Ashok Nagar metro station  ( Blue Line)

6. Madhu Vihar, South West Delhi

Madhu Vihar is a relatively quiet residential area known for its well-planned streets and a variety of housing options from independent houses to multi-story apartments. It is close to major markets and provides easy access to public transportation. 
2 BHK starting at 35 lakhs
Connectivity: Dashrath puri metro station (Magenta Line)

7. Khanpur, South Delhi

Khanpur is a locality with a mix of residential and commercial establishments. It offers a range of affordable housing options, from independent houses to builder floors. The area has good bus connectivity and is known for its local markets.

2 BHK starting at 40 lakhs
Connectivity: Malviya Nagar metro station (Yellow line)

8. Geeta Colony, East Delhi

Geeta Colony is a well-established area that offers an array of affordable residential properties. The locality is known for its vibrant marketplaces and good connectivity to other parts of Delhi, making it a convenient and economical choice for residents.

2 BHK starting at 80 lakhs
Connectivity: Shastri Park ( Red Line) metro station & Laxmi Nagar metro station ( Blue Line)

9. Ghitorni, South West Delhi

Ghitorni is known for its green spaces and less congested living environments. It offers a mix of residential options, from high-end farmhouses to more affordable independent floors. The area attracts those looking for a quieter suburb close to the hustle and bustle of the city.

2 BHK starting at 45 lakhs
Connectivity: Ghitorni metro station (Yellow Line)

10. Krishna Nagar, East Delhi

Krishna Nagar is a bustling locality famous for its shopping streets and residential colonies. It provides a range of housing options at moderate prices, along with good connectivity to the rest of Delhi, especially through the Pink Line of the Delhi Metro.

2 BHK starting at 80 lakhs
Connectivity:  Krishna Nagar metro station (Pink Line) & East Azad Nagar metro station (Pink Line)

11. Dashrath Puri, Mahavir Enclave

Located near Dwarka, Dashrath Puri is an emerging residential area offering affordable property options with proximity to the industrial and commercial hubs of Gurugram and central Delhi. It is served by the Delhi Metro and is close to various educational institutions and hospitals.

2 BHK starting at 40 lakhs
Connectivity: Dashrath Puri metro station (Magenta Line)

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Challenges and Considerations

While affordable housing in Delhi is growing, potential homeowners should be mindful of certain aspects:

  1. Verification of Property: Ensure that the property is legally verified and free of disputes.
  2. Infrastructure: Some affordable housing areas might still be developing their infrastructure. Evaluate the existing and planned infrastructure before making a decision.
  3. Connectivity: Check the connectivity to key areas of the city, including your workplace, schools, hospitals, and markets.

Affordable housing in Delhi is evolving and expanding, providing numerous opportunities for homeownership to those who dream of living in the capital but are restricted by budget constraints. With government initiatives and private developments, the dream of owning a home in Delhi is becoming increasingly attainable.

For anyone looking to invest in affordable housing, it's crucial to perform thorough research and consider all aspects of the property and locality. With the right planning and understanding, finding a home in Delhi that fits your budget and lifestyle is within reach.

FAQ about Affordable housing in Delhi

Affordable builder floors can be found in localities like Uttam Nagar, Rohini, and Govindpuri. These areas offer a range of budget-friendly options suitable for different income groups.

Eligibility for affordable housing in India typically depends on the applicant's income level, with specific criteria varying by state and the particular housing scheme. Generally, these schemes target low and middle-income groups.

To afford a house in Delhi, consider exploring various government housing schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), saving through dedicated financial instruments, opting for housing loans with favorable terms, and investing in emerging localities where prices are relatively lower.

Affordable housing refers to housing units that are reasonably priced for those with a median household income as defined by the national government or local government by housing affordability indices.

Under GST, affordable housing is defined as housing units costing up to ₹45 lakhs and measuring 60 square meters in non-metropolitan cities or towns, and 90 square meters in metropolitan areas. The GST rate applied to affordable housing is 1% without input tax credit (ITC).

Published on 24th May 2024