Affordable Living: Discover Budget-Friendly Housing in Gurgaon

Affordable housing in Gurgaon

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Last updated on 14th June 2024

Gurgaon, a city teeming with industrial and corporate growth, is a desirable location for many. Yet, the quest for affordable living in this urban landscape can be challenging. Known primarily for its upscale neighborhoods, but is now also a haven for affordable housing, thanks to a variety of new projects in its emerging sectors. These areas are attracting a diverse crowd, from young professionals to small families, all seeking quality living at an affordable price point. This blog will explore the top affordable sectors in Gurgaon, highlighting the new upcoming affordable housing projects in Gurgaon.

With its diverse real estate market, Gurgaon offers housing options ranging from luxury to affordable. Thanks to the affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon, middle-income groups can access quality living spaces at reasonable prices.

14 Top Upcoming Affordable Housing Projects in Gurgaon 2024

1. Sector 37D, Gurgaon

Situated near the bustling Dwarka Expressway, Sector 37D is a prime location for affordable housing in Gurgaon.  Its proximity to this major arterial road is a significant advantage, offering residents swift and easy access to various parts of Gurgaon and Delhi. This connectivity is a major draw for working professionals who commute daily, as it significantly reduces travel time to key business hubs like Cyber City, Udyog Vihar, and various corporate parks in Delhi. Projects here often include amenities like clubs, gyms, and landscaped gardens, providing a balanced urban lifestyle.

  • 2 BHK starting price: 25 lakhs
  • Landmarks: Mds Public School, Shri Balaji Hospital And Trauma Center

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2. Sector 70, Gurgaon

This sector stands out as a unique blend of urban development and natural serenity, offering residents a peaceful living space that's still connected to bustling city life. This sector has become increasingly popular for those who desire a quieter lifestyle without compromising on the conveniences of urban living. In Sector 70, affordability does not mean a compromise on quality. The housing options in this sector are designed to provide a high standard of living at reasonable prices. These homes come equipped with modern amenities, high-quality construction materials, and thoughtful layouts that maximize space and comfort.

  • 2 BHK starting price: 35 lakhs
  • Landmarks: Indus Public School, The Vivekananda School, Cloud Bay Hotel, Ananta Hospital.

3. Sector 92, Gurgaon

A rapidly developing sector, Sector 92 hosts a range of affordable housing in Gurgaon options. The area is well-equipped with essential services like schools, hospitals, and retail outlets. Moreover, its proximity to the Pataudi Road and NH8 ensures easy accessibility to other parts of the city. This sector is becoming increasingly popular due to its blend of residential comfort and urban convenience, attracting both families and individuals. One of the key strengths of Sector 92 is its robust infrastructure and the availability of essential services that contribute to a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. Sector 92 stands as a shining example of how rapid development and strategic planning can create an ideal living environment that's both affordable and enriched with amenities.

  • 2 BHK starting price: 35 lakhs - 62 lakhs (depending on the project and amenities)
  • Landmarks: Sapphire 83 Mall, Royal Public Senior Secondary School, Kidzee Sector 93, Ayushman Hospital.

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4. Sector 85, Gurgaon

This sector in Gurgaon is a testament to thoughtful urban planning, offering an array of affordable housing options amidst a well-structured layout. This sector is surrounded by lush green belts, providing a serene and healthy environment for its residents. The infrastructure is robust, featuring wide roads that facilitate easy movement within the area. The availability of public transportation makes commuting convenient, connecting Sector 85 seamlessly to other parts of Gurgaon and beyond. This combination of affordability, green living, and well-developed infrastructure makes Sector 85 an attractive destination for those seeking a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle in Gurgaon.

  • 2 BHK starting price: Rs 32.30 Lakhs
  • Landmarks: Heritage Pride Modern School, Sector 85, Gurgaon, and Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, Gurgaon.

5. Sector 95, Gurgaon

This sector is gaining attention for its affordable flats in Gurgaon yet modern housing projects. This sector is an ideal choice for those who seek a serene living environment, harmoniously balanced with the benefits of urban conveniences. A significant feature of Sector 95 is its emphasis on gated communities, which provide enhanced security and foster a strong sense of community among residents. These communities often come with additional amenities that enrich the living experience, ensuring residents don't have to sacrifice comfort and lifestyle quality for affordability.

  • 2 BHK starting price: Rs 24 lakhs
  • Landmarks: Jyoti Public School, Royal Public Senior Secondary School, Sapphire 83 Mall.

6. Sector 102, Gurgaon

Located along the Dwarka Expressway, Sector 102 is an emerging residential hub. This sector is drawing significant interest from homebuyers, primarily due to its new launch of affordable housing in Gurgaon projects that manage to offer a touch of luxury. One of the key appeals of Sector 102 is its focus on providing high-end features at reasonable prices. Sports facilities are another highlight, catering to the health and fitness needs of the community, and encouraging an active lifestyle. Additionally, the assurance of 24/7 security in these housing projects offers residents safety and peace of mind.

  • 2 BHK starting price: 21.16 L - 25.82 Lakhs
  • Landmarks: Prime International School, Government Primary School, and Railway Road Sub Post Office.

7. Sector 103, Gurgaon

This sector is gaining popularity, especially among commuters, due to its proximity to the expressway, making it an ideal location for those who travel frequently to different parts of the city. This sector is characterized by its well-designed affordable housing projects that are tailored to meet the requirements of modern family living. Facilities such as jogging tracks offer a perfect setting for fitness enthusiasts while swimming pools provide a recreational space for relaxation and leisure activities. Additionally, the inclusion of kids' play areas ensures that young families find a nurturing and fun environment for their children.

  • 2 BHK starting price: 21 Lakhs
  • Landmarks: Mata mandir, Wah Ji food corner, and DPS Sector 103.

8. Sector 107, Gurgaon

Offering a balance of nature and urban facilities, Sector 107 is home to several budget-friendly housing projects. The area is notable for its budget-friendly projects, which offer a high quality of life without a hefty price tag. A key feature of these developments is their focus on community living, highlighted by amenities like clubhouses and community centers, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among residents. Green parks interspersed throughout the sector add to its appeal, providing serene spaces for relaxation and recreation.

  • 2 BHK starting price: 30 - 40 lakhs (depending on the project and amenities)
  • Landmarks: The Shikshiyan School, Euro Preschool, and Dev Hospital

9. Sector 109, Gurgaon

Bordering Delhi, Sector 109 offers affordable housing projects that are strategically located close to the airport and major commercial areas of Gurgaon. This sector has witnessed considerable infrastructural development, enhancing its connectivity and overall appeal. The availability of the best affordable housing projects in Gurgaon in this area, coupled with its strategic location, offers a unique combination of convenience and investment potential. The developments here are designed to cater to the needs of modern urban living, making Sector 109 not just a place for immediate residential needs but also a promising area for long-term investment.

  • 2 BHK starting price: 22 Lakhs
  • Landmarks: TYAGI MGF Megamall, OTM Cafe, Indian Oil Petrol Pump, and Vijaya Bank.

10. Sector 110

This sector is gaining traction for its strategic location and affordable housing projects that cater to the needs of middle-income groups. The sector boasts well-planned residential complexes with a range of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and community halls. The focus on green spaces and parks makes it a desirable location for families looking for a balanced urban lifestyle.

  • 2 BHK starting price: ₹30 lakhs
  • Landmarks: Global School, Shivpriya Holistic Health Hospital, Gurugram Railway Station

11. Sector 83

An emerging residential hub, Sector 83 offers affordable housing options with excellent connectivity to NH8 and Dwarka Expressway. This sector is known for its well-planned infrastructure and a variety of housing projects that cater to different budget ranges. The availability of shopping centers, schools, and healthcare facilities within proximity makes it a convenient place to live.

  • 2 BHK starting price: ₹25 lakhs
  • Landmarks: Sri Chaitanya School, Bikaner Sweets, Sapphire 83, and DLF Corporate Greens

12. Sector 104

Located along the Dwarka Expressway, Sector 104 is becoming a hotspot for affordable housing. The sector offers a range of residential projects that provide modern amenities and a comfortable living environment. The focus on providing a sustainable living environment with ample green spaces and recreational facilities makes it a popular choice among homebuyers.

  • 2 BHK starting price: ₹24 lakhs
  • Landmarks: Lord Krishna Convent School, Shree Krishna Hospital, Ansal Townwalk @ SAHEB and DREAMZ MALL

13. Sector 86

This sector is known for its affordable housing projects that offer a blend of comfort and convenience. The sector's strategic location near major roads and commercial areas makes it an attractive option for working professionals and families. The residential complexes here are equipped with modern amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, and community centers.

  • 2 BHK starting price: ₹27 lakhs
  • Landmarks: Little Champs Pre-School, IPSAA Global School, and SS Omnia - SS Group

14. Sector 90

A rapidly growing sector, Sector 90 offers a range of affordable housing options designed to cater to the needs of middle-income families. The area is well-connected to key parts of Gurgaon and Delhi via major highways, making it an ideal location for commuters. Sector 90 features modern residential projects with amenities such as landscaped gardens, sports facilities, and children's play areas, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living environment for its residents.

  • 2 BHK starting price: ₹26 lakhs
  • Landmarks: Sapphire 90, HDFC bank, Shee Rajendra Mattress House, and JMS Crosswalk

Demand for Affordable Housing in Gurgaon

The demand for affordable housing in Gurgaon has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Factors such as the city’s expanding corporate landscape, improved infrastructure, and strategic location near Delhi contribute to this trend. Young professionals and families are particularly drawn to Gurgaon due to its employment opportunities, quality educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, the affordability of housing in emerging sectors makes it possible for many to own homes without compromising on quality and amenities.

Initiatives by the Government for Affordable Housing

The Indian government has launched several initiatives to promote affordable housing across the country, including in Gurgaon. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is one such scheme aimed at providing affordable housing to all by 2022. Under this scheme, eligible homebuyers can avail of subsidies on home loan interest rates, making it easier for middle-income groups to purchase homes. Additionally, the Haryana government's Affordable Housing Policy 2014 has facilitated the development of affordable housing projects in Gurgaon, ensuring that quality housing is accessible to a broader demographic.

FAQs About Budget-Friendly Housing in Gurgaon

If affordability is a priority, one of the cheapest places to live in Gurgaon is Sector 109. This sector offers a range of residential options at competitive prices, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious individuals.

According to the DTCP, affordable group housing prices in Gurugram, Faridabad, Panchkula, Pinjore, and Kalka are 5,000 per square foot.

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is a government initiative aimed at providing affordable housing to the urban poor. Under this scheme, beneficiaries can avail of interest subsidies on home loans for purchasing or constructing homes. In Gurgaon, several projects come under this scheme, offering affordable housing options with the benefit of subsidized interest rates.

The best place to buy a flat in Gurugram can vary based on individual preferences and needs. Considering factors like budget, proximity to work, and lifestyle requirements will help in making a choice.

To stay updated on upcoming affordable housing projects, you can:

  • Visit real estate portals and websites that list new projects.
  • Follow news on real estate development in Gurgaon.
  • Contact local real estate agents or home loan agents who have updated information about new launches.
  • Monitor government announcements related to affordable housing schemes.

The salary required to live comfortably in Gurgaon varies based on lifestyle, family size, and financial commitments. However, a general estimate suggests that a monthly income of around INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 is needed for a single individual to cover basic living expenses, rent in an affordable area, and maintain a standard lifestyle. For families, this figure would be higher, depending on the number of members and their specific needs.

Published on 23rd January 2024